Tokenization 2023

The Technology Collection embraces a vision of a world that utilizes blockchain to improve itself through decentralization, while providing increased transparency into anything or anyone with whom we interact.  Put simply, the world will allow value to be exchanged as a tokenized barter system.  This system will not need a central authority to establish the trustworthiness of the parties involved and process the transactions for them.  

Imagine the year is 2023. It’s a new day; your alarm clock goes off and the coffee maker starts.  Your coffee beans were sustainably sourced - the Columbian farmers received the industry standard 14% of market price in FOOD Tokens from their distributor in the Europe, where the coffee was sold. That distributor got to keep 22% of the FOOD tokens and the other parts of the processing, supply, and transportation chain were equally compensated.

However, the transportation company does not accept FOOD tokens as payments.  They only accept MOVE Tokens, which is no problem, since the Coffee Distributor simply exchanges their FOOD Tokens to MOVE Tokens utilizing the SWAP Token transfer service.  The transportation company TRANSPORT is actually who you work for.

You go downstairs and grab the coffee and sit down in front of your computer.  You are responsible for visual oversight and emergency breaking of 4 autonomous vehicles transporting coffee along various routes.  You have never actually driven these routes but you have gotten to know them quite well from watching them as many hours a week as you choose.  

There are constantly vehicles on the routes and there are enough workers available to watch them. Work as much or as little as you want, or you can have as many jobs as you want.  You don’t need to wait for a paycheck anymore, you just get paid instantaneously while you work.  This week you put in 47.25 Hours and Received 94.5 FUND Tokens (Which is a Fund containing all of the Tokens that are utilized the most).  You can exchange FUND Token for that collection of blockchain tokens.  You exchange 50 of your FUND Tokens for the individual Tokens in the backing Fund.

You receive:
Bitcoin – You hold this like an investment nowadays they’re extremely valuable
Ethereum - The majority of the modern  Internet now runs Ethereum
FOOD – Used at the Grocery Store
MOVE – For ride hailing and transport
GLOW – For access to electricity
KNOW – Used for paying for classes and education related services
SWAP – You use this to exchange the coins you don’t want for the ones you do want
WEAR – For buying clothes and accessories
CASH – A Currency used to pay the few services  who do not have tokenized products

You put in seven hours today and have had enough fun with work.  You SWAP a few of your extra WEAR Tokens for some BEER Tokens, and catch a ride into town for just a couple MOVE Tokens. Go out and have some fun, catch a TRANSPORT home and head to bed.  Wake up the next day and live how you want to.  Not everyone lives like this, but you choose too and you would never look back.